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Lain and friends are caught off gaurd by strange men in a hidden temple what battle will ensnare..

Webcomic of the week


Well I finished with my planned upgrade though i realy didn't do much cept relax most of the time but now im back in action. Now this comic is powered by Evil Kat Studios. My own studio company well kinda like just me and my friend who gives me a few ideas im still trying to recruit. WEll I hope ya enjoy the rest of the NTL episode as this is the most action packed one yet.WEll see ya soon



Im curently trying to do a full website up date and will not be updating all next week and the week that follows as soon as I finish upgrades I will begin showing the comic once a week and will try my best to give you better art and story.


Hey guys im so hyped up now im working my ass off on my comics and im just in bliss when I finish each one. Oh im gonna try to add fan art now if I can get some Im also going to try and add banners each week of realy good webcomics to check out so hope ya enjoy.


Hey guys its me lain Im so happy I finaly got a computer so now I can keep up with updates. I also will begin work on other projects as I begin to try to improve myself Im also pondering if I shall keep the comic in collar or make it go back to black and white. I also hate to ask but I realy need help now Im kinda with out job and im forced to live with my parents. I also ask if ya can help me make this site better than ever by sending fan art or sending me comments to motivate me. Im also gonna start removing thins that people don't comonly use to make the site more efficent. Well see ya later.


I've decided that for a few weeks the comic will update once a week as I prepare to get my new site operational and begin my college days. Im also trying to get a car and a computer so I can better serve my fans. Oh heres a link to my new site hope you enjoy.

Evil Kat Studios.


It has been awhile since I updated but I been busy getting ready for finals but I then slacked off for two weeks after that playing FFXI to death. But now im back and im ready to get into action. I also want to inform you of a new webcomic site I made. Its called Evil Kat Studios and its a site for me and a few of my friends to introduce new comic ideas and also have fun. Its also the name of the new company im forming. Well see ya soon and ill try to keep up on the updates.


Well I'm back inaction and I have some news. I've decided to cut the comic to three days. Monday and wensday for the main comic and friday for subcomics and pics. Im also playing Final Fantasy On line now which has me hyped. I'm also beging to work with a friend on another webcomic. News on this webcomic will come as time goes. Well see ya later my devoted fans.

-Lain Blue


Well i'm sorry theres no comic friday or sunday but I've been stressed lately. Well the comics will continue till next sunday then I'll be taking a weeks break so I can relax on my spring break. Well see ya later.


Well I finished drawing all the comics for this episode and only have to upload them to the site and do touch ups. I'm also beging to do subcomics so I can tell the stories that occur seprate but maybe connected to the main one. I'm also hard at work trying to improve my skills by working on a new comic. Its called Zero Blades and its a tale of how a space trucker's past catches up with her. Well thats all for now so see ya.


A lots happened to me this week first off I got the site finaly working.The rest of the week was boring up until thursday. When I was walking home thursday I was jumped by 8 thugs. They could barly hit and I fought three of them before but I realy don't like the 1 on 8 odds so I booked.I droped my wallet which only had a dollar but all my identification.I was then fussed at by my dad fir droping my wallet in fear that they would track my house down. When the cops came they were to late which caused the thugs to be able to get on the bus.Luckly a good samritain found my wallet and returned it to me and then I found out I got accpeted into the art institute of fort laudel. That was probaly the highlight but the rest was between alright to very bad. Well thats all for now see ya later.



Updates:I updated the bios by adding Zatsu, Moved some of the rants, added three new links, and added one more log. All in the line of duty to make this site great.


Its been awhile since my last rant, many things have happened. I have ended the third episode and I think my skills are better than when I first started this story. But don't fret theirs more to come. Some time next month I will begin the Soul Saga. This is when the plot and action shall pick up. So far I can't tell ya what will occur but be prepared. Before I start this new storyline I'm going to try to do some major updates to the site so it can look better and offer more information on the story. Well I'm off now I have work to get to I'll make sure to post what I updated as I go.

- Lain


Updates: I've added a new rant page I also updated the logs and the bio pages feel free to check them out later.


Sorry for taking so ling i just lost my nerve and my dad was using the computer alot. I now promise to try my best to keep them updated. Even if it kills me. Just kidding on the kill me part. Well I'll see ya later.


I added more comics and i'm glad to say I'm almost done drawing this episode completely and will begin to revamp my charecter designs again. I'm also getting my portfollio made so I can apply to athe art institute of fort laudel. Well see ya guys later.

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